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Directory / Section


File Type



Amputees Group amputee pictures 408  
Art disability pictures 480  
Articles disability pictures 1633  
Audio disability songs 22  
Blind - Eyes blind pictures 49  
Books disability books 12  
Braces - Pretenders braces pictures 234  
Breasts amputee pictures 7  
Dwarfs dwarfs pictures 181  
Female AK / BK   amputee pictures


Female Braces braces pictures 97  
Female Cast - Arm cast pictures 1446  
Female Cast - Leg cast pictures 2166  
Female Cast - Other cast pictures 94  
Female Congenital amputee pictures 856  
Female Crutches crutches pictures 144  
Female DAE amputee pictures 2038  
Female DAK   amputee pictures 4059
Female DBE amputee pictures 416  
Female DBK amputee pictures 508  
Female ES amputee pictures 4944  
Female Erotic amputee pictures 601  
Female Multiple   amputee pictures 3066
Female Polio polio pictures 63  
Female Pretenders amputee pictures 768  
Female Revfeet rev. feet pictures 29  
Female SAE amputee pictures 2821  
Female SAK  amputee pictures 11.647
Female SBE amputee pictures 651  
Female SBK   amputee pictures 1773
Female Shortfeet short feet pictures 199  
Female Unsorted amputee pictures 1013  
Female Wheelchair  wheelchair pictures 5314
Files disability files 1558  
Foot Hands Toes Fingers amputee pictures 743  
Graphics - Cartoons disability pictures 4537  
Historical disability pictures 226  
Male AK / BK amputee pictures 131  
Male BE amputee pictures 248  
Male BK amputee pictures 1063  
Male Braces braces pictures 135  
Male Cast - Arm cast pictures 394  
Male Cast - Leg cast pictures 256  
Male Cast - Other cast pictures 86  
Male Crutches crutches pictures 69  
Male DAE amputee pictures 32  
Male DAK amputee pictures 524  
Male Electronic Surgery ES amputee pictures 232  
Male Multiple amputee pictures 1275  
Male Polio polio pictures 67  
Male Pretenders amputee pictures 153  
Male SAE amputee pictures 258  
Male SAK amputee pictures 1994  
Male Unsorted amputee pictures 13.396  
Male Wheelchair wheelchair pictures 1437  
Movies Female Arm amputee movies 270  
Movies Female Leg   amputee movies 914
Movies Female Multiple   amputee movies 358
Movies Female Other   disability movies 51
Movies Female Plaster cast movies 31  
Movies Female wheelchair wheelchair movies 74  
Movies Full Movies disability movies 13  
Movies Male Arm amputee movies 109  
Movies Male Leg   amputee movies 125
Movies Male Multiple amputee movies 48  
Movies Male Other disability movies 27  
Movies Male Plaster cast movies 42  
Movies Male Wheelchair wheelchair movies 35  
Movies Others disability movies 110  
Movies Sexual disability movies 93  
Unsorted Female Pictures Submission 01 disability pictures 5720  
Unsorted Movies Submission 01 disability movies 441  
Exclusive Models disability pictures 3772  
Exclusive Models disability movies 11  
Indexed Pictures amputee pictures 2373  
Sets & Sites amputee pictures 48.286  

Totally: 217,2 GB



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